Why all the injustice?

We live in a hierarchal society which is doused with patriarchy and hegemonic structures. It’s so embedded into our minds it’s something we can easily forget, we go on living our lives under the thumb of the elites. But it’s something that we should be thinking about because our human rights are being disregarded by those who feel they can get away with it because they have power.

These aggressive thoughts of the inequalities of society has been brought on by an article I read posted by the BBC about Cyril Smith. He was a liberal MP who, in the eighties, was caught up in an investigation of sex abuse. Evidence was gathered against him, including video footage of the former MP in the act. He was arrested, but very soon after, a senior officer forced the undercover team to hand in all of their evidence, and the case was scrapped. They advised he would not be a playing a part in the role of the public anymore, though he continued to be the MP for Rochdale until 1992. (Link to the BBC article below with all details)

I was in complete disbelief when I read this article. Someone in our society, someone who we were meant to trust as an MP was acting in a disgusting manner and yet gets away with it because of his status. I can’t believe we live in a world where this kind of injustice happens. It was a long time ago, but the exact same thing is happening all over the world, and it just gets swept under the rug and forgotten about.

Injustice is around us everywhere, and it happens a lot more than any of us could ever expect. It begs the question, what needs to happen to actually prove someone as guilty? Not only does it affect others who can come into contact with un-charged criminals, but the people who have been brave enough to give statements, tell the police, friends and family to then hear that it’s been thrown out, just because someone else has enough power to get away with it scot free is absolutely atrocious.

Of course sometimes there isn’t enough evidence, and sadly things cannot be proven to an extent that warrants someone being taken out of society. But with this situation, where young boys were being abused with completely justifiable evidence, then why was no one charged? It makes people lose hope in the system, the system that is meant to keep us safe. Whats the point of reporting anything to the police, or letting it go to court, to then only be told that actually, because someone is powerful in society, or can afford a better lawyer who can lie for you, that there is no hope of winning.

The system of court is incredibly stressful, from my experience I had when I went through domestic abuse, it was long winded and terrifying and causes a lot of depression and anxiety. Court dates can be pushed back or extended, you constantly waiting for calls to hear the verdict, it takes over your life and  turns your world upside down while you await a call that can change everything. The system needs to change and at a lightening speed. Because if a victim can have the emotional strength to admit not only others, but to themselves, that terrible things are happening, then why is no one listening?

Journalists are at fault also. The ‘watchdog for the people’ have not been watching out for the public for a very long time. The majority works under their corporations and churns out prescribed knowledge from their organisations to make the public feel any emotion they want. The fear of crossing paths with the higher ups creates a dull and false impression of the news we receive. Who is actually fighting for the people? The people who don’t have the power, security or money to have a voice. Because right now I feel stranded in this massive world, constantly feeling disappointment of the injustice that everyone is facing everyday.

BBC news article : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31908431


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