A playlist for the cynical days

tumblr_n6d38dPG9P1ra4d6ro1_500There are days when you’re allowed to be cynical, you’re allowed to hate everyone for no reason, and you especially do not have to have to explain to anyone why you feel this way. When I have these kind of days, it’s always nice to have a playlist as a back up those emotions. This my playlist which I personally find great when I find myself in this type of situation. From songs that increase my cynicism, to ones that remind me that everything’s going to be okay.

MØ – Waste of Time.

Sky Ferrerira – You’re Not The One


Plain White T’s – (Hate) I Really Don’t Like You 


Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough


Darwin Deez – Bad Day


Robyn – The Girl and the Robot


Artcic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?


Pixies – Where Is My Mind?


We Are Scientists – The Great Escape



MSMR – Think Of You


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