Bleach London have done it again ♡

I have previously raved about Bleach London products, when I lost my ‘hair bleaching virginity’ by using their products for dip dyed
Scan22hair. After going through a pretty crappy time, I felt like a complete change. So I took a trip down to boots and headed straight to the Bleach London section, very quickly becoming my favourite part of the shop. I hastily bought the total bleach and white toner and thought to myself theres no going back now.

It’s not because i’m afraid of change, in fact I love it. But you hear so many horror stories about what bleach does to your hair. Breaking off, becoming bald, all the hair nightmares. As I have multi racial hair, It’s always a bit more of a worry but with correct care and conditioning, I thought lets just do this!

As soon as I got home I ran straight into the bathroom to start the process. Mixing the bleach was easy enough. The application was easy to, though getting to the back of my hair was a bit tough, next time i’ll definitely get someone to do that part for me. You could slowly see the pigments fading from the hair. I didn’t know what to expect as my hair is the darkest shade of brown.  After 45 minutes I rinsed my hair with luke warm water, and the change was insane! It was so strange seeing myself with a completely different hair colour. My hair was gold, which I know people complain about brassy tones, but I liked it a lot.

After towel drying my hair, I mixed the toner, which again was simple, and applied it to my hair. After half an hour I rinsed it again with the same process, but added the reincarnation mask mask which is a complete godsend. My hair has never felt more soft and healthy than when I use that product.


To conclude, I love Bleach London ♡

The products lifted all the darkness out of my hair, which means after one more bleaching session I should be ready to get going to the blonde! Which is amazing, as I thought it would least take a few sessions. My hair is in better condition than it was before, which is unbelievable. Though I am a lot more conscious of protecting my hair from heat styling products when possible. So at the moment my hair remains a golden colour and i’m loving it. Fully recommend these products even more than before.

Buy from:

I also used this shampoo toner which is great for getting rid of brassy tones




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