Things i’ve learnt from fabulous Queens.

Drag queens to me, have always been fabulous role models. They give off the massive sense of pride and and passion with everything they do. I started to watch Ru Pauls drag race, a show with a similar layout to top model, but with drag queens. I was hooked from the first few seconds of watching. Though they seem to ooze positivity and grace with every stride down the catwalk, what we don’t usually see, is the personal side of their lives. The rejection, the heartache and everything in between. It’s integral to see the vulnerability in these peoples lives, and it shows the struggles, and the amount of judgement they can get for being who they are is darn right disgraceful. But through this show you can see their strengths and beauty in a completely new light. In which I have learnt a few tips from these beautiful women which I wanted to share

ImageNo T, No Shade!

Definition –  (According to RuPaul herself via Twitter) “No T No Shade = I’m not trying to come for you or offend you, but this is what its really like.


In other words, no disrespect, but this is how it is. I think this is a great attitude to have. (though maybe treat it slightly more subtle than the ladies on drag race) I used to always live my life being quite polite and agreeing to what people say, just to keep everyone happy. But I have learnt that having authority on your own opinions is a great thing. And saying things how it is, at times, can only be positive. If not you can just get people walking over you, as the cliché goes ‘nice guys finish last’ (when appropriate, all t, all shade can also be used.)

What has happened in our lives, does not dictate who we are. 


There are times in life we can come across which can damage our spirits, through this we can become numb and transend into a completely new being. But new lows creates new highs,  and it just opens up a whole new chapter of life. The bad things that happen does not mean you have to become a bad person. We live and we learn to approach life in a new light and sometimes its hard to remember. When I go through rough times, all I want to do is lay in bed in all day and forget the world around me exists. But all you have to do is ‘get up, look sickening and make them EAT IT.’

Being different is more than okay, it’s amazing! 


When we grow up we are taught standards of life which aren’t always correct. Girls should like pink and boys should like blue. Men should be manly and women should be feminine, that sort of thing. To those generic morals I say – fuck that. No one can tell us who we should be, not a specific person, and let alone society. Sharon needles, the winner of Ru Pauls Drag Race in 2012 is a perfect example of this. She was herself the whole way through, no matter what the judges would critique her for. She did not portray feministic traits in the stereotypical way, but she was still fabulous. So fabulous she won America’s Next Drag Superstar. We all have the right to be who we are, no matter what judgements people can throw at us. The more pride we have in ourselves, the happier we will be. 


Nothing wrong with a bit of sass every now and then.


Letting out your inner sass can be good for the soul. Quite self explanatory. When bad things happen, or you’re feeling stressed, it can all become too much. Sometimes, getting together with friends and just letting it all go can release a lot of tension. (as well as being pretty fun, admittedly) And this tends to happen, an incredible amount on the show


Love your fellow sisters(and brothers) 


Though sass can be great, being lovely to others can make you feel great. At the end of it all, we don’t always know what everyones going through in their personal lives, and being unnecessarily unkind to someone who doesn’t deserve it, is not good. Throughout the show there is a lot of shade(aka bitchiness) thats thrown around. But by the end they usually realise that they’re part of a revolutionary movement, promoting equality, and they can end up sharing the love for one another. Something we should all take note of. 


I have not yet learned to do this, but I would really love to.





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