♡The 1975 at Royal Albert Hall♡

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The 1975, a four piece from Manchester revelled in an incredibly proud moment as they debuted the Royal Albert Hall in London last night. The venue was filled with a buzz like no other. Pure excitement radiated from every single person that entered the tremendously grand room.

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The support act, Marika Hackman, an English vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. She was an amazing opening for the band. Someone I had never heard of before, a three piece headed by Marika herself, had a gorgeously soft voice that filled the hall with nu-folk vibes that created a beautiful warmth in the already jovial setting. The three of them together made an alluring atmosphere which was almost hypnotic. You could tell the crowd was very adoring as the frantically praised them after every song played. A band I will definitely be listening to more often thanks to their intensely superb performance

As the set was changing in anticipation for the act everyone had come for, there was an eagerness in the air for the bands arrival. Cheers would echo every now and then creating tension for their awaited entrance. All of a sudden the lights dimmed slowly and clouds projected through mists of air as the band took their positions everyone stood up in acclamation.

Matt ran onto stage with an undeniable elation. With a bottle of beer in one hand, and a microphone in the other. The music began and everyone in the room jolted to their feet as if intoxicated by his presence.

Starting with the beautifully well known track off their newest self titled album, ‘the city’. Every single element of the music was on point. It magically came together in a way that is indescribable. (and this was just at the first song) It was obvious this was going to be a stunning set. The night progressed with a mixture of songs from their previous EP and newest album. Their dedication for music had come a long way, and the sounds from their older songs were just as passionate as the new.

photo 3Girls were running to try and get onto stage, whilst being immediately stopped by security. Bras were being strewn across the stage, Matt at one point took a girls phone who was recording and personally filmed himself and the band on stage. It was very evident that they had definitely made it. At one point people were holding up phone torches (the new age lighters in the twenty first century) Creating a real dedication from the fans to the band. The whole room glowed in a way I had never seen before at a show.

At one stage the atmosphere changed as matt had a keyboard brought out and did a solo for the audience in which he asked everyone to sit down for. As the spotlight shone onto him, it opened up a vulnerability that isn’t usually shown in his interviews, and music videos. However far back you were in the massive hall, you could feel the intense emotion that emanated from him. As he finished, his head fell into his hands, whilst everyone screamed and cheered for the passion and talent of the obviously very personal song.

As the set closed with the ever popular song ‘sex,’ you could sense the pride and wholesome energy from the band as they all hugged each other and couldn’t thank everyone enough for sharing the moment with them. Matt exclaimed a massive ‘fuck you’ to the people who had never believed in the band that they had become. You could feel the happiness they felt for being in the moment. Which made it a very special event to be at. The whole performance was striking and memorable, and worth a massive recommendation to see live.

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