21 things i’ve learnt at 21

Though the age 21 usually dictates that you are an official adult within society, that is definitely not the case. For me, I am the worst financially I have ever been, have no idea what direction i’m going in. I couldn’t feel less like an adult, especially whilst being a student. Everything doesn’t suddenly fall into place like you may think, and i’m still a while away from being the stable adult I would like to be! Here are 21 quick things i’ve learnt in my duration of 21.

You appreciate the days of high school (and I never thought I’d say that)

gif 1

What’s better than hanging out with your good friends everyday, barely doing anything in class, and knowing that you can get away with everything without any real consequence. That is living the dream. (of course the horrible people are there, but sadly there are horrible people everywhere in life, even after high school)

 People aren’t always who you think they are

gif 2

There are times when you really believe some people are going to be your best friends for life , or they are going to be your complete enemy. However, If I have learnt anything, it has been the complete opposite. You have to keep a real eye out over who really has your best interests at heart.

 Cheap is cheerful

gif 3

cheap booze, cheap nights, cheap clothes, cheap things can be your best friend if you play it right.

Nights in are much appreciated 

giphy (1)


When you’re young, you never want to go to bed, when you’re older, a bed is your best friend. A night in with Netflix, snuggled under a duvet, by yourself, with a cutie or a friend, is more than good enough. (but i’m sure everyone knows that by now)

You cannot beat a good cuddle



Cuddles don’t have to be with a partner. But with friends, even family if you are close enough to them. It’s a very comforting feeling.

There are a lot of mistakes to make

gif 6

Sometimes you can imagine when you turn 21, that everything falls into place. It’s the age that represents you as an adult in society. But there are mistakes you will make financially and with relationships and with careers. Things that can be hard to overcome.

..and a lot of mistakes to learn from

gif 7gif

These mistakes are a great way of moulding your later life. Sometimes you stumble upon situations that can impact your life in a way unimaginable. But the one positive of these things happening in your early twenties, is to try your hardest to learn and move on in the greatest way possible.

Phone calls are awesome

gif 8

I don’t know about anyone else, but I used to very awkward on the phone as a teen. But now I can’t think of anything better than a great phone call. You can stay in touch with people you barely see, or people you just don’t want to stop talking to. Hearing someones voice makes a huge difference.

You’re not as mature as you think 


It’s still funny to sit around hungover, under a quilt, stalking people on Facebook, thats the reality of it.

but mature ideas to sometimes come to your mind


When I turned 18, I said to myself, I can’t wait until my cousins grow up so I can illegally buy them alcohol and cigarettes and be the cool person in the family. But when I found one of the younger ones in my family was smoking, all I wanted to do was sit down and have a stern talk about how it’s so unhealthy and wrong and terrible.. etc etc..

Online dating is okay under the age of 40


There is a lot of stigma towards online dating generally, let alone for the younger generation at times. But as much as there are some people that only want one thing.. You would be surprised on the different  and interesting people you can meet via the internet.

Hangovers happen a million times worse than when you were 18


Very self explanatory, and it is horrible.

Horrible things you can’t imagine can happen


There are many things to experience at any age. I’m not sure what it is about 21, that seems so invincible -an age that nothing can go wrong. But the truth is a lot can happen at any age, for me it was being abused, which I can not talk about openly thanks to such amazing support. It isn’t fair, and not everyone goes through it, but if you do, it’s normal and as long as you can confront it at some point, you can (hopefully) slowly move on.

You don’t just suddenly turn into a self confident goddess


I imagined my confident levels would suddenly rocket. That I would suddenly ‘know who I am’ and be more than proud of  it. But as much as I am happy with myself, there are time when insecurities hit at it’s hardest, just the same as the teenage years.

You can still want it all.


There is nothing wrong with reaching for the unreachable. There is no one that can stop you for reaching your goals than yourself. And I have had the experience of someone trying to stop me, and there is no better feeling than working towards something you really want. (what a cliché point, but equally as true!)

Mum, she was 100% right.. about everything. 


My mum always had these mantra sayings about life situations and people, I would always just switch off and think she was trying to be a typical ‘annoying’ parent. Truth is, 99.9% of the time, she has been through it, and she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Money is not something to be messed with 


I am terrible with money. My priorities, even after moving away from home, are not at it’s best. But I have many a friend who have gone through loans and credit cards, and have not ended up in the best of places. It’s horrible to say, but being sensible with money really does pay off (if you pardon the pun)

There is so much time to do everything you want, if you put your mind to it.


I am a person who’s motivation can be very low at the best of times. But when I finally did put my mind to something I had an interest in, I ended up having the best of experiences, something I would never have done if i hadn’t finally put my mind in gear.

Be nice to people, as it really does make a difference


Of course we all have our bad days where we don’t want to be as nice as we can to people. But generally being lovely to people really can get to you to the greatest of places.

Looks are not everything.


This can count as your own, or someone else’s. If someone can’t love you for your personality, then they are not worth it. And we all need to look beyond others looks, because it’s worth knowing someones personality before looking on whats on the outside (as much as I can understand that is very standard, i’ve found it’s easy to forget)

21 is not the be all and end all..


I imagined this to be the age where it all happened. When I say ‘all’ I can’t really explain what I mean. But I just imagined everything would be fitting into its certian places. But I can completely say it isn’t. But life doesn’t always happen in the way we expected. As long as we are happy it’s all that matters (once again, another cliché)



2 thoughts on “21 things i’ve learnt at 21

  1. I love this post so much! I just found this post through a bloglovin like.
    Honestly i cant think of anything more accurate. Im 23 and i agree with this whole list!
    Dani xo | laceandlovexo.blogspot.com.au

    • Thankyou so much for reading!
      It’s weird how you can suddenly pin point things so early on in your twenties!
      I’ll check out your blog :))

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